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Rainbowstar: Welcome to Warrior cats academy for ALL CATS! There are you happy Graystripe.

Graystripe: yeah

Rainbowstar: I have an awesome class here today. They are the grandchildren of the ledgendary Firstar. Two of them have special powers. We have JAYFEATHER, HOLLYLEAF AND LIONBLAZE.

Jayfeather: hey I don't want to be here but the other two did. I hate this I'm blind I hate this.

Rainbowstar: Ooookaaaay... Hollyleaf how about you tell me about yourself.

Hollyleaf: I love the warrior code warrior code forever you must follow the warrior code...

Rainbowstar: that's great always follow the warrior code and stay in your Clan

Hollyleaf: Yes follow the warrior code because if you don't you will DIE!!!

Rainbowstar: Uh... Haha. Lionblaze what about you? 

Lionblaze: I am awesome. I can't lose in battle. Anyone fight me. Come on.

Rainbowstar: Rainbow powers activate! KACOLOURS!!!!!!!!

*Lionblaze is not hurt but his fur is different colours.*

Lionblaze: Seriously!

Hollyleaf: rainbow colours are not in the Warrior code.

Rainbowstar: hey I am rainbow coloured but Im not weird.

Jayfeather: that's a matter of opinion.

Rainbowstar: deeeeeeeetention!!!!!

*Bluestar magically appears out of nowhere*

Bluestar: Im craaaaazeeeeeh

Lionblaze: Help us Bluestar!!

Bluestar: eh what should I do?

Lionblaze: Anything!!!!!

Bluestar: ok! * Eats a cupcake*

Lionblaze: can I have one.

Hollyleaf: Cupcakes ar not in the warrior code!!

* bell rings *

Rainbowstar: And we never started our first lesson. Bye everyone! Except Jayfeather

Jayfeather: Why?

Rainbowstar: because you have a 6 moon detention.

Jayfeather: but I have to get back to my medicine cat duties. Wait I'll stay here. :)

Rainbowstar: remember to tell me or graystripe who you want to see in school :)

Hey guys I made another one! The power of 3 are in school!!! :D
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April 8, 2013
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